Processing of personal data

  1. The personal data of the client is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Regulation.
  2. collects the Customer’s personal data when creating a customer account and/or when placing an order.
  3. The personal data processed are the name, personal identity number, e-mail address, mobile phone number and preferences of the Customer.
  4. uses personal data for the provision of customer services, development, and personalisation. These services are primarily the sale of products to the Customer on and the organisation of personalised offers.
  5. When entering data in the online store and confirming it, the Customer gives the right to collect and process the Customer’s personal data and transfer the necessary data to the transport company for the delivery of products.
  6. has the right to use the address or location of the Customer to send advertisements and other information.
  7. At any time, the Customer has the right to forbid to the collection and use of personal data, unless this is necessary to ensure compliance with the requirements arising from the agreement or for the delivery of the products. Consent to the use of the above data cannot be withdrawn retroactively.
  8. The use of electronic personal data for distribution shall only take place if the Customer has consented to this on the website.
  9. When paying for purchases via encrypted connection with banks, the Customer secures personal data with a bank password, to which does not have access.
  10. does not disclose the personal data received from the Customer to third parties.
  11. DKM Brothers OÜ is the main processor of personal data; our company only transfers the personal data that is necessary for making payments to the Paysera payment centre.
  12. You can always disagree with the processing of your personal data, which is subject to your consent. However, it is not possible to complete a purchase without binding order data, as we are unable to fulfil such an order.