Choose the flavour of your Curtis tea

Choose the flavour of your Curtis tea

A mood for dreaming – berry-flavoured tea

Does your ideal me-time consists of wrapping yourself in a cosy blanket, lighting your favourite candles and dreaming a little? Such a romantic atmosphere is ideally complemented by berry-flavoured tea. From the Curtis collection, you will find blends with bright berry aromas. Barberry Melody Ceylon tea with its barberry flavour and sweet caramel aroma reminds you of summer and inspires you to travel. Blue Berries Blues black tea combines notes of currant, blackberry, blueberry and raspberry – with this flavour, you dare to realise your wildest dreams.

Try Curtis’ other berry flavours:

  • Summer Berries fruit drink with pieces of apple and raspberry
  • Isabella Grape black tea with grapes and rose petals

Energize – citrus-flavoured tea

When everything is falling apart, it may seem like it’s impossible to save the day. What you actually need is a restart! Enjoy the citrus-scented tea and feel a burst of energy!

Sunny Lemon Black Tea with citrus peel and sunflower petals is a whole-cup boost of vibrancy to last throughout the day. The sunny lemon in Curtis tea helps you maintain a positive attitude, even in stressful situations.

Before the party – cocktail-flavoured tea

Going to a long-awaited party? Play your favourite song and sing along with the lead singer while doing your makeup and hair. Be the brightest star on the dance floor in the rhythm of the music! The best continuation to this composition is Curtis tea with the taste of famous cocktails. Fresh Mojito tea with mint and lime zest revitalises you, and the aroma of the famous mojito cocktail gives you energy!

Find your favourite cocktail-flavoured tea from the Curtis collection:

  • Hugo cocktail green tea with linden and elderflower blossoms
  • Strawberry Mojito green tea with strawberries, lime and mint

Relax after a workday – aromatic green tea

Imagine your routine activities after a day at work. You come home, change your clothes, open Instagram… Stop, something has already gone wrong. Don’t scroll through the news feed if you want to relax. It is better to make some Milk Oolong tea with a delicate creamy taste and take this time for yourself. Colour mandalas, look at old print-outs or make a wish card.

  • Green tea with the aroma of gunpowder Osmanthus
  • Hugo Cocktail tea with lime and elderflower
  • Strawberry Mojito tea with strawberries, lime and mint

Enjoy the sweet life – dessert-flavoured tea

Check out the Curtis dessert collection:

  • Banana Flambe black tea with banana and soft caramel flavour
  • Black tea Orange Chocolate with dark chocolate and sunny orange

Get inspired for new achievements – tea with an exotic fruit flavour

We usually get ideas when we learn something new. Discover the unusual flavours of Curtis tea and you will get inspired. With an exotic dragon fruit aroma, White Bountea tea with apple pieces and rose petals will give you breakthroughs!

Treat yourself to Curtis tea with exotic fruit flavours:

  • Chinese green tea Delicate Mango with the sweetness of mango and pineapple pieces
  • Bahama Nights green tea with an exotic fruit aroma