Mayskiy Tea “Aromatic Bergamot”, in sachet 50 gr

Mayskiy Tea “Aromatic Bergamot”, in sachet 50 gr





The Golden Collection is a gem of a Mayskiy tea. Exclusive collection of black tea with traditional Russian flavors and aromas in luxurious golden packaging. Enjoy the traditionally Russian flavors of Maisky tea! A flawless blend of rich black tea and fresh citrus notes. It’s not just tea, it’s a love story between a famous Russian actress and an English diplomat. Discover captivating shades of your favorite flavor in every cup of May Fragrant Bergamot. The secret of high quality Maysky tea is in the selected leaves of the spring harvest, giving it a fresh aroma and mild classic taste, familiar to the Russian consumer. The May tea party becomes so heartwarming with May.

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