RICHARD “The Royal Dogs.” assorted black tea in sachet, 18 g

RICHARD “The Royal Dogs.” assorted black tea in sachet, 18 g





A special role in the history of the world monarchy is assigned to their faithful companions – royal dogs!
The Royal Sheepdog is big and strong, loyal and loving, brave yet kind – words that perfectly describe this most friendly breed. By nature, they are also fearless sentry and watchdogs, demonstrating courage, strength and endurance as protectors.
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi has been favored by the British Royal Family for many years. Being charming, graceful and kind, she instantly won the heart of the Princess.
The poodle is an elegant dog, ranked among the most intelligent breeds. But behind the high awards, lush hairstyles and regal posture lies an affectionate and gifted family dog with an ancient pedigree.
The English Bulldog is considered a national treasure, a breed that is “perfectly associated with good old England”. His meek and calm disposition made him the perfect friend of the royal family!
Yorkshire Terriers are much loved by royalty and upper class society in England for their unique glamorous appearance, describing them as dogs of “small size but big character”.
Gather all members of the dog royal family!

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