Curtis – tea that inspires

Curtis – tea that inspires

History of Curtis tea

Today, Curtis is a well-known tea brand that can be found on the shelves in several countries around the world. And when did it begin?

The history of Curtis tea began in 2003 in London, when Curtis & Patridge London was established. The tea house was able to give tea lovers completely new and unique flavours of tea, taking into account the rhythm and desires of a modern person living in a metropolis, while maintaining English traditions. This involves special attention to the quality of tea leaves and creation of a wide product range.

2003. At the end of 2003, May Group officially announced its strategic partnership with Curtis & Patridge London. The experience of the company and understanding of the needs and preferences of Russians allowed Curtis tea to quickly win its first fans.

2006. In 2006, the rights to use the Curtis & Patridge trademark were fully transferred to May.

2007. In 2007, the Curtis brand was in for a big change. The name was condensed to be catchy and short: Curtis. The tea packaging has also been improved: it has become bright and colourful. Customers were happy with the new product range: unusual tea-fruit and fruit-herbal blends appeared in the Curtis tea range.

Today, Curtis is a premium tea, the flavour of which inspires millions of people.

Why do people like Curtis tea?

The pleasing flavour is the main thing Curtis wants to give to its customer. The Curtis tea range has something for everyone: from “Milk Oolong” Chinese tea to Ceylon black tea with berries and flower petals, such as “Blue Berries Blues”.

Why should you try Curtis tea?

  • It contains pieces of natural fruit and flower petals.
  • It has a variety of unusual flavours that excite.
  • Premium quality and a modern approach to creating unique blends and production.

The variety of flavours will win over even the most sophisticated tea lover and unite the innovator with the conservative. The Curtis collection includes classic black and green teas in sachets, as well as fruit and vitamin teas in pyramids.

The vitamin teas are created specifically for those who seek in tea not only pleasure, but also benefits.

Today, the majority of the brand’s range is represented by tea in pyramids. The flavour of the tea unravels fully when the tea leaves are allowed to open completely when brewed. Due to its volume, the pyramid creates space for tea to brew so that it can release a rich and intense aroma. This is why Curtis prefers this packaging; in its rich collection of teas, more than 20 types of teas are in pyramids.

A flavour that excites!

Work, studies, sports, hobbies, home – the life of a modern young person is full of events. And in this routine, it is so important to make time for yourself. Relax with a book and a cup of your favourite tea, recharge with intense aromas, dream and get back to action! With Curtis tea, you will always be filled with new ideas and the energy for an endless series of projects will not end.

Choose a Curtis tea that suits your mood:

  • If you need to boost your energy, brew some “Curtis Fresh Mojito” tea. The flavour of juicy lime and the aroma of mint will recharge you like a battery!
  • If you are tired of everyday life and want to dream a little, forget about everyday worries and try “Curtis Delicate Mango”. Tropical mango will direct your thoughts towards holidays!
  • If you need to cheer up, citrus fruits come in handy. Have a cup of “Curtis Sunny Lemon” and in 10 minutes you will have a smile on your face!

You do not have to go on a holiday to recharge. You can always find a good mood at by purchasing Curtis tea.